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We help you with assessing whether your (potential) employees and business relations are the right choice. Independently, transparently, and compliant with (international) laws and regulations.

The specialist in online Background Screening

Employment Screening

Screening of potential and/or current employees

Do your (potential) employees meet the right criteria? Guarantee the quality of your workforce.

International Screening

Screening of international applicants

Reliable checks for those who want to employ or have international staff.

General Screenings

Screening outside employment

Ensure the trustworthiness of your tenants/participants by conducting independent, objective background screenings.

Over 950 organizations rely on PESCHECK® to build trustworthy
business relations
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Foad Heidari – ”The team is very open and helpful towards each other!”


“I used to work with a bit of everything – giving guitar lessons, being a lifeguard, and several other hobbies. When I started programming, I realized I really enjoyed it.

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Sergio Vidal Lopes – ”The game continues, and you have to continue with it!”


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