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We help you with assessing whether your (potential) employees and business relations are the right choice. Independently, transparently, and compliant with (international) laws and regulations.

The specialist in Online Background Screening

Pre-Employment Screening

SCREENING of potential employees

Do your potential employees meet the right criteria? Guarantee the quality of your workforce and be able to conduct the correct background screening in your specific onboarding case.

International Screening

SCREENING of international applicants

Reliable background checks for those who want to employ or have international staff.

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Salih Oztoprak – “Do what makes you happy”


Before I was hired at PESCHECK, I was a student at Saxion and followed the HBO-ICT course with the software engineering major. Before completing my education, I was allowed to

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The differences between each type of check for pre-employment screening

Blog Article

There are many types of checks for pre-employment screening. Depending on the job position, applicants are going under certain checks. Sometimes these are one or two checks but, sometimes, the

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pescheck employment screening questions from employees

Answered: the most burning questions about Employment screening as an employee

Blog Article

Why does my (future) employer ask me to undergo the employment screening? The need for screening candidates and employees is increasing. It is not because your (future) employer doesn’t trust

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