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We help you with assessing whether your (potential) employees and business relations are the right choice. Independently, transparently, and compliant with (international) laws and regulations.

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Pre-Employment Screening

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Do your potential employees meet the right criteria? Guarantee the quality of your workforce.

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SCREENING of international applicants

Reliable checks for those who want to employ or have international staff.

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Thijs Fiselier Client Onboarding Specialist PESCHECK

Thijs Fiselier – “Trust is good, control is better”


“I was already following PESCHECK and Serhat on LinkedIn. Serhat, the CEO of PESCHECK and I were colleagues back in 2008. After that, I had a few different jobs, all

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pescheck background employment screening bedrijf

One step ahead in safety

Blog Article

Screening is a reliable method to check whether (future) employees have the integrity and the right qualifications for their position. We offer different types of screenings, such as: pre-employment screening,

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Holland FinTech Guest Blog – Passing the KYC torch to aid Counter-Terrorism Financing

Blog Article

The ever-changing technological landscape of the 21st century is shaping the world around us, driving innovation and outside-of-the-box thinking at unparalleled speed. However, it also increases the possibility of cyber-related

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