Handy checklist for drawing up a screening policy

In a previous blog, we wrote about the usefulness of a screening policy. Besides the fact that it is an important part of your HR policy and that you can map out the risks per function, we gave you eight more reasons to write a screening policy. In this article, we give you five more steps to draw up a screening policy. In addition to these practical steps, we have now also put together a checklist for you. This way, you can write a screening policy with even more ease.

Parts of the checklist

This checklist helps you to maintain control and overview. For this we work with five parts:

1. Preparation
In this phase, if desired, you put together a project group, determine the target group and formulate the objective of the background screening.

2. Research and record-keeping
After the preparation, you get to work researching laws and regulations. You also determine the framework of the screening process and those responsible.

3. Description of activities and resources
In this phase, you are expected to think practically about how you are going to implement the policy. You record the screening activities in processes and you look for tools that can help you.

4. Investments
Not entirely insignificant: recording the costs and your budget for the screening process.

5. Evaluation and final policy
After having gone through all the steps, you record everything in a policy and make it part of your HR policy.

Download checklist

Would you like to get started with this checklist for shaping your screening policy? Download the checklist here.

The right approach

This information is part of our practical guide to an effective screening policy. Do you want to hire candidates with integrity or screen existing staff for abuses and falsehoods? Read the entire guide and you will know exactly how you should approach this as an HR professional. Don’t feel like reading this document in its entirety or do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us and we will help you take the right steps.

Practical guide to an effective screening policy

In this guide, you will find everything about drawing up and setting up an effective screening policy for candidates and employees. Including practical tips, trends and a useful checklist.