Businesses can now combine ID verification with sanctions lists

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Fast and straight-forward compliance with the EU’s AMLD5 through KYC by PESCHECK®

Know Your Customer (KYC), that’s what it’s all about in today’s financial world. Businesses are required to work in compliance with the EU’s 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5), meaning: carrying out Customer Due Diligence (CDD), monitor customer behaviour and report suspicious activities. Through our recently launched API KYC tool, we from PESCHECK® will assist organizations in this process, enabling companies to easily carry out ID verifications combined with screening clients on international sanction- and PEP-lists. This API tool enables businesses to quickly verify on a high level if customers have a clean background.

High-level KYC screening: Partnering up with Mitek and Acuris

PESCHECK® partnered up with some of the best international data providers available – Mitek and Acuris. This ensures that screening is conducted on the highest quality, comparable to that of bank-level security. Businesses can, therefore, meet exactly the same standards as banks and other financial institutions. KYC by PESCHECK® is approved for global coverage in every country in the world.

No expensive subscription required

Our API solution does not require and long-standing, complex subscription. Everything happens based on what we call the “Pay-as-you-Go” system, meaning that the user pays only for the number of checks he/she wishes to conduct. Furthermore, through the API, businesses can easily decide the extent to which they wish to “know their customer”, as multiple screening packages are available for their choosing. A solution is present even for one-time consumers or smaller organizations – easily conducting checks through our website. After payment and uploading of the ID data, the results are processed within minutes.

No data-storing

KYC by PESCHECK®  fully complies with the guidelines POB 1551, CBP # 1595873 and AVG / GDPR in the field of security, privacy and safeguarding of personal data. The data entered throughout the screening process is not saved.


We are a licensed international screening company based in the Netherlands, approved by the Ministry of Justice. Additionally, we comply with all laws and regulations and we are a registered private investigation agency registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. In this way, we offer an honest, safe and trusted service.