#InnovationVideo – Amsterdam FinTech Week 2020

Blog Article

In September 2020, we submitted a short pitch for Amsterdam FinTech Week 2020’s #INNOVATIONVIDEO campaign. Our goal here was not to sell a product, but to tell a story. A story that we believe resonates with all of us as a global community, revolving around our core values: safety, trust, and integrity. A story about how compliance in the 21st century is becoming increasingly more difficult and complex, and how RegTech can help unload some weight off their backs.

The way we see it here at PESCHECK, RegTech companies like us have an obligation to aid organizations in ensuring the integrity of their stakeholders, informing them of the necessary steps to be taken to do so, and providing a superior service that enables organizations to build safe, trustworthy relations. With experience in local and intl. markets, and having aided organizations in every continent of the globe, we provide Background Screening and CDD/KYC solutions that harness the powers of automation and high-level security data providers, without adding unnecessary strain to the workflow of businesses.

So see background screenings not as an obligation, but rather as a mindset. Through committing to screening, you show that your organization stands for safety, trust, and integrity, and that is something to be proud of. Find out more about our screening solutions here!