Dennis Eijkel – ”As an IT guy, you’re never out of practice”


“Building and programming applications is written for me. I like to immerse myself in something and come to a visible result. When other people use the things I’ve built, I get the most satisfaction. Last summer Bart (CTO) approached me if I wanted to work at PESCHECK in addition to my studies. I didn’t have to think long about that and I started working as a Software Engineer at PESCHECK. The atmosphere within the team is important to me, the pleasant team here makes my working day complete.”

“My perfectionism ensures that I always see room for improvement. However, I try to be realistic and understand that the perfect solution does not exist. In the world of IT, developments are extremely rapid, which is why it is important that I keep myself up to date. Continuous learning is therefore an essential part of my job as an IT professional. I like to challenge myself, that’s what I want to do, even after I graduate. Where I will be working in a few years, I just don’t know yet. I don’t look that far ahead. For now I will continue to work at PESCHECK with great enthusiasm.”

Dennis (Former Software Engineer)