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Screening of business relations (KYC)

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Know Your Customer | ID verification Services

Adhering to KYC regulations as an organization is becoming increasingly harder, as the need for checks moves from a simple ID Check, to international sanctions- and PEP-lists. Therefore, we developed a digitalized ID verification process that is able to identify who you are doing business with within 20 minutes!

More than 1.000 organisations rely on PESCHECK® to build
trustworthy business relations


Screening results are ready within two working days.


We are registered with personal data authorities.


We do not download data and only report the minimum necessary.


International sources are also checked during the screenings.

API Integration

Our data and checks are easily integrable in your system/software

Landing page

Carry out checks quickly and easily on your own unique landing page.

Continuous Monitoring

Choose for certainty with our continuous sanctions- and PEP-list checks.

No Obligations

You only pay for the checks that are carried out. No subscriptions and no small letters in the contract.

we create relations based on trust

Our kyc is approved in all countries. PESCHECK IS licensed by the Dutch ministry of justice. we work only with leading global data providers.

PESCHECK® KYC is a Know Your Customer solution for compliance, risk management, monitoring and audit, developed to support financial institutions and professional service providers to comply with the requirements of AMLD5&6 for KYC, AML/CFT, and PEP due diligence.