Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy provides information about how PESCHECK handles your personal data, also known as “personal data”, within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). PESCHECK is a trading name of the private company PESCHECK B.V. established at Capitool 10, 7521 PL at Enschede, registered under Chamber of Commerce number: 70886393 (hereinafter: PESCHECK). The Ministry of Security and Justice, together with the State Secretary for Security and Justice, has issued a permit to perform screening activities, including special personal data, under POB # 1551.

Why does PESCHECK process personal data?
For example, if PESCHECK performs a VOG request, background screening, pre- / in employment screening or KYC (“Assignment”) at your request, for yourself, PESCHECK processes your personal data and PESCHECK can be regarded as a controller.

In the event that your (future) employer, a temporary employment or secondment organization, employment agency or other organization in the broad sense requests PESCHECK for an Assignment. PESCHECK can be regarded as a processor and PESCHECK processes your personal data for this Assignment.

For what purposes and on what legal basis does PESCHECK process personal data?
PESCHECK processes personal data for the purpose of taking care of your Assignment when you request it yourself. This processing takes place on the basis of your consent/request. You can withdraw your Assignment until the Assignment has been executed. Please note: the withdrawal of your Assignment does not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on your consent before the withdrawal. To exercise your right to object, please contact us by telephone, in writing or by email. The necessary data can be found under the heading ‘PESCHECK identity and contact details‘.

In the event that your (future) employer, temporary employment or secondment organization, employment agency or an organization in the broad sense instructs PESCHECK to execute an Assignment, PESCHECK will process your personal data for the purpose of complying with this assignment. In that context, the processing of your personal data is based on the legal basis for the representation of the legitimate interests of a third party, namely your (future) employer, temporary employment agency or secondment organization, job broker or an organization in a broad sense. The legitimate interest of these third parties is to ensure the integrity of the screened person by means of to be able to assess the results of the screening. To exercise your right to object, please contact us by telephone, in writing or by email. The necessary data can be found under the heading ‘PESCHECK identity and contact details’.

Which personal data does PESCHECK process?
When carrying out the Assignment, PESCHECK processes the following personal data, depending on how you or your (future) employer, temporary employment or secondment organization, job broker or an organization, if applicable, compiles the screening in a broad sense:

  • CV data: name and address, gender, work and education history, e-mail address, telephone number; and
  • Identity data: Verification and copy of identity document/driving license, MRZ, BSN number, passport number / ID card number, the validity period of an identity document, nationality, passport nationality, date and place of birth;

Please note: PESCHECK is not authorized to process your BSN. PESCHECK requests you to blacken your BSN via the CopyID app of the Central Government.

  • Statement labour relationship (“VAR”) data: verification and copy of VAR statement; and
  • Details of Certificate of Good Conduct (“VOG”): verification and copy of VOG statement; and
  • Data about work and training history: verification work and training history, possibly comments from former employers; and
  • Financial data: among others; appearing in receivership, insolvency register, creditworthiness score; other sources such as (bailiffs) bailiffs, debt collection agencies; and
  • Data regarding Personal Statement Integrity: data about the relationship between private financial obligations and income or assets, data about a previous bankruptcy of the person concerned, data about suspension and dismissal history, data about any additional positions of the person involved, data about the correctness of the specified training history and work experience, data about other circumstances that call into question the reliability/expertise and integrity of the Data Subject, data about convictions for a crime or economic offence, data about the Data Subject as a suspect in criminal proceedings regarding any crime or economic offence; and
  • Information about the occurrence in online sources: including profiles of data subject on social media, messages from or about data subject on news media and activity of data subject on international search lists, blogs and forums; and
  • Information about additional documents that are collected, verified or checked at the request of the client, for example, a payslip or confidentiality statement.

Who has access to my personal data?
The employees of PESCHECK. PESCHECK formulates clear work instructions for its employees for this. In addition, access to personal data is limited to employees who must actually have access to personal data in the context of arranging the Assignment. To perform specific parts of the screening or verification, PESCHECK shares the necessary personal data with sub-processors. PESCHECK has concluded a so-called processor agreement with these parties. See the list of sub-processors at the bottom of this Privacy Policy. After completion of an Assignment, PESCHECK will simultaneously notify you and our client of the screening report (“PES Report”), if applicable. For example, KYC results for clients / VOG results are not shared, because they are not transparent to us, or are only intended for the client.

With which partners are personal data shared?
PESCHECK has concluded agreements with its data suppliers in which agreements have been made with regard to the correct and safe processing of your personal data. An example of a data supplier is the screening authority Justis. For a complete and up-to-date overview of the partners with whom PESCHECK collaborates to perform a (specific) screening, please contact [email protected].

How long will my data be kept?
All personal data will be deleted or made anonymous after 24 months at the latest. Unless the client can demonstrate that a longer retention period is justified (e.g. in connection with a statutory obligation). If the Client wishes a shorter term, this is of course possible. Data transfers from the API can be removed immediately after delivery.

Deviation: All personal data that are processed by us as a Controller will be deleted within sixty (60) days after the Assignment is submitted by the applicant. Would you like to delete/anonymize your data sooner? Please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Your rights regarding your personal data
You have the right to submit a written request to PESCHECK to view which of your personal data are processed by PESCHECK. If you believe that those personal data are incomplete or no longer complete, you can submit a request to supplement, correct, rectify or delete your personal data or submit a request to restrict the processing of personal data. You also have the right to transfer (or have transferred) your personal data to a third party.

In addition, we would like to expressly point out your right to object to the processing of your personal data by PESCHECK. To exercise your right to object, please contact us by telephone, in writing or by email. The necessary data can be found under the heading ‘PESCHECK identity and contact details’.

PESCHECK will comply with such requests as soon as possible or explain to you with reasons why your request cannot (yet) be executed. You can send your request in writing to PESCHECK. When you submit a request, PESCHECK may ask for additional information to establish your identity.

Changes to the Privacy and cookie statement
PESCHECK can adjust this Privacy Policy. PESCHECK does this, for example, if the law or our policy changes. PESCHECK, therefore, recommends that you regularly review the Privacy Policy when you visit the website. The last change was on 05-07-2021

Questions and complaints
If you have any questions and/or complaints about PESCHECK’s Privacy Policy or the way in which PESCHECK processes your personal data, please contact us. PESCHECK’s contact details can be found below.

If you are of the opinion that PESCHECK processes your personal data in an improper or unlawful manner and PESCHECK does not / insufficiently respond to your objection or request, you can also file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

PESCHECK identity and contact details
Capitool 10 
7521 PL Enschede (Nederland) 
085 – 060 8999 
[email protected]
KvK: 70889363 Identity and contact details of PESCHECK Privacy Officer for data protection
PESCHECK has a Privacy Officer (PO). The PO can be reached via [email protected].