one step ahead in safety

Integrity is the basis for a good working relationship

In some situations, screening a (potential) employee is a necessity, rather than a choice. Think about the responsibilities and tasks a certain functions entails. Or it’s access to critical business information, or high-risk scenarios. By conducting an objective, transparent screening, you ensure the quality of all your business relations and show that your organization stands for trust and safety.

Do you also value quality and trust?

Types of Screenings

Employment Screening

Screening of employees

Do your (potential) employees meet the right criteria? Guarantee the quality of your workforce.

Non-recruitment Screenings

Off-duty screening

Ensure the trustworthiness of your tenants/participants by conducting independent, objective background screenings.

Transparency is very important

Not only because of laws regulations such as GDPR and AMLD5, but because we are dealing with your business and employee relations. We take both you and your employee/business partner into account during the process, and provide you with the exact same report, at the exact same time. Both parties are then aware of the outcome and can discuss it together.

we create relations based on trust

PESCHECK® is registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. This way we can offer an honest, safe and trusted service.