Employment Screening

The secret of successful organisations? They all employ reliable, qualified personnel. Having the right people at the right place is crucial for successful business operations. We’ll help you get there with Pre-employment, In-employment and International Employment background screenings.

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Types of Screenings

PEScheck Background Screening

Pre-Employment Screening

Screening of potential employees

Ensure that your future employee meets the right criteria for your job opening.


In-employment screening

In-Employment Screening

Screening of current personnel

Show that your employees still meet the quality requirements of your organization with this routine check.

International screening

International Screening

Screening of international applicants

Reliable checks for those who want to employ or have international staff.

Employment screening by PESCHECK®

In some situations, background screening a (potential) employee is a necessity, rather than a choice. Think about the responsibilities and tasks a certain function entails. Or it’s access to critical business information or high-risk scenarios. By conducting an objective, transparent background screening, you ensure the quality of all your business relations and show that your organization stands for trust and safety.

First, you create a free account. Then, via the dashboard, you select the desired background checks you wish to conduct for a certain employee. The employee then receives a digital invitation to a secure landing page. Here, they provide authorization and then fills in the necessary information to be handled by us – strictly compliant with GDPR regulations. Once the checks are conducted, both parties receive the end report with the results displayed objectively and impartially. The conclusions are drawn by you, in combination with your employee.

Transparent checks

We stay for transparency: the applicant’s information is regulated, and hereby the assessment is made whether he or she meets the criteria for a certain function. Examples of these checks are:

Criminal Record Check
– ID Check
– Reference Check
– Qualification Check

– And others

Tailored checks

For some functions, a simple ID and CV check may be sufficient. However, for functions that entail integrity, reliability, and impeccable behavior, further research on the applicant is needed.

We help you identify which types of checks to run for certain functions, and offer checks tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Not only because of laws regulations such as GDPR but because we are dealing with business and employee relations. PESCHECK takes both you and your employee into account during the process, and provide you with the exact same report, at the exact same time. Both parties are then aware of the outcome and can discuss it together.

More than 1000 organizations rely on PESCHECK® to build trustworthy businesses