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Screening of candidates

Screening of off-duty individuals (tenants or participants of a tv show).

More than 950 organizations rely on PESCHECK® to build
trustworthy business relations


Screening results are ready within two working days.


We are registered with personal data authorities.


We do not download data and only report the minimum necessary.


International sources are also checked during the screenings.

Transparante Checks

With the help of certain transparent checks, the applicant’s information is regulated, and hereby the assessment is made whether he or she meets the desired criteria. Examples of these checks are:

– Criminal Record Check
– ID Check
– Reference Check
– Qualification Check
– And others

Guaranteed Privacy

We only begin our research after authorization from the applicant. Hereby we adhere strictly to the regulations set by the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and only report necessary information. 

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