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International Background Screening

Want to see how it works?

The world is becoming more interconnected with each passing day, as expats and international students find challenging jobs virtually anywhere in the world. Is that the case for your organization? Then you also face a challenge: how to verify the legitimacy of foreign documents, CVs, diplomas, and so forth. This is a complex task that we will gladly take off your hands. With the help of international sources and databases, we track down whether your international candidate meets the desired criteria within a few days!

What if the database doesn’t show any results?

Then we pick up the phone and start inquiring. In Russian, Italian, English, Portuguese or Spanish. We do not stop until we have the answers, so that you can make the right decision based on our clear and substantiated conclusions.

More than 1000 organizations rely on PESCHECK® to build trustworthy
business relations


Screening results are ready within two working days.



We are registered with personal data authorities.



We do not download data and only report the minimum necessary.



International sources are also checked during the screenings.



No cure, no pay

We strive to get a hold of every employer and institution out there. In the case that we don’t succeed, no costs are brought into charge.

International Privacy Regulations

We know the international privacy regulations like no other, and act carefully to adhere to them. We only begin our research after authorization from the international applicant, and only report necessary information.

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