!IMPORTANT: make sure there are no highlights or stains on the document.

  • We accept JPEG, JPG and PNG files.
  • We do not accept a copy of a copy of a document (You CANNOT upload a scanned document).
  • We accept international passports, international ID-cards and international driving licenses.
  • The document must have English duplication.
  • Low-quality pictures will not be accepted by the system.
  • All corners of your document should be visible in the photo. Leave the space for the padding (5 mm minimum).
  • If your document has two pages or two sides, please attach both sides/pages. When attaching a passport, upload the top and the bottom page of the document. The bottom page is the page with the picture, full name and other personal information. The top page of the document is the page above the page with the picture.
  • When uploading an ID-card, take pictures of BOTH sides of the document, even if there is no information on one of the sides.
  • When uploading a driving license, upload BOTH sides of the document, even if there is no information on one of the sides.
  • Make sure to turn off the option of the picture watermark on your phone. Some phones automatically insert the name of the device the picture has been taken.
  • The documents must be valid for at least a 1 (one) month.
  • The system does not accept documents corrected in graphic editors. You cannot cover any parts of your documents.
  • Do not upload a cover of the passport.
  • Do not upload more than one document at the same time.

The text of the document should be readable
To take a picture, put your document on the flat horizontal surface with the neutral background (no table cloth, carpet, laptop screen, etc)
Make sure there is enough light, so the whole document is visible

Examples of correct uploading

The example of a passport (top and bottom pages)
Example of an ID-card (front side)
Example of an ID-card (back side)

Examples of INCORRECT uploading

The corners of the passport are NOT visible

The corners of the ID-card are NOT visible

Not all data is visible